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Buy high purity Basic Red 1 (Rhodamine 6G) Dyes, Dyes from SD International – leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Basic Red 1 (Rhodamine 6G) Dyes. SD International offers Basic Red 1 (Rhodamine 6G) Dyes well known for using superior purity chemicals from trusted vendors to meet International Industry standards.

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Basic Red 1 (Rhodamine 6G) Dyes

Basic Red 1 (Rhodamine 6G) Dyes belongs to the category of Dyes having CAS number 989-38-8. The synonym of Basic Red 1 (Rhodamine 6G) Dyes is Rhodamine 6g, Rhodamine j. The molecular weight of Basic Red 1 (Rhodamine 6G) Dyes is 479.01 g/mol and the molecular formula is C28H31ClN2O3. The colour index number is 45160. The physical appearance of Basic Red 1 (Rhodamine 6G) Dyes is Purple Reddish.

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Basic Red 1 (Rhodamine 6G) Dyes Latest Price

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Specifications of Basic Red 1 (Rhodamine 6G) Dyes

Basic Red 1 (Rhodamine 6G) Dyes Technical Parameters / Specifications, please 

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Properties of Basic Red 1 (Rhodamine 6G) Dyes

Basic Red 1 (Rhodamine 6G) appearance is Red-Brown to Brown Powder. Light fastness is 4. It is soluble in water and alcohol, insoluble in xylene, acetone, carbon tetrachloride and benzene.

Applications of Basic Red 1 (Rhodamine 6G) Dyes

Basic Red 1 (Rhodamine 6G) is mainly used in the manufacture of colour break, colour ink and is used for cotton, wool and silk dyeing.

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